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Suits 101

With so many options, features and rules when it comes to buying your first suit, it could be a little overwhelming. In this blog, we will break down the things to look for when making that big purchase.

Fellas the first thing to take a look at when buying a suit is to check its fit. When trying on a suit or tuxedo, double check that the shoulders fit nice and snug since this part of the suit are the most difficult and expensive part to tailor. To make sure that it fits, lean against a wall and make sure that the shoulders of the jacket don’t touch the walls before your shoulders do. A suit should also be able to be easily buttoned without straining it or have too much space between the buttons and your chest. The sleeves of the jacket should expose about a half inch of your shirt cuff, nothing more and nothing less. The length of your jacket should be slightly above your hands when they are hanging straight down your pant.

Pant breaks are matter of preference and each one can give a different style. No break are modern and clean. Slight break are tailored but not too flashy. Medium break are conservative and gentlemen like. Full break are old-school and stand-out.

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The next thing to think about is style. A jacket with two vents are the most common, fashionable and come across as a higher quality (Also known as a British Style). You should never button up the bottom button on your jacket. Your tie should barely touch your waistband. You should not over accessorize (Use one or two accessories at most). The belt must match the colors of the shoes. Always opt for a gray, charcoal or navy suit instead of black. Black suit are reserved for funerals.

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Suit Care

•Remove the pocket and vent stitching

• Remove any sleeve label.

• Wear an undershirt if you sweat a lot during the day.

• Unfastened your button when sitting down so that it prevents damage.

Custom Bow Ties
Custom Bow Ties

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