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We are proud to offer custom design dresses, veils, and accessories for your dream day. Our goal is to transform your ideas and fabrics into reality. We emphasize the perfect fit, fine construction, and the highest of quality.

Contact us to schedule your first consultation with us to brainstorm your ideas, free of charge!

Custom Wedding Dress


We want every bride to feel the best version of themselves on their wedding day. We are honored to help design your unique custom dress for your special day. A custom dress is designed and made according to the bride's order. It is a creative and exciting journey where the client and designer collaborate to develop a unique vision. Any fabric, trim, or embellishment can be chosen. Schedule your first free consultation below.


A veil can be a beautiful and delicate addition to your wedding dress. With our professional expertise, we can design any veil you are dreaming of. Whether you want to add lace, beading, sparkles, or color, we will help create a veil that will pair perfectly with your wedding dress. Visit our shop to see our collection of custom veils on the rack.

Custom Wedding Veils
Custom Bridesmaid Dress


Choosing the perfect bridemaids dress that will make everyone happy can be challenging. We offer custom design bridesmaids dresses to fit your and your bridal parties specific preferences. We can help brainstorm and design dresses that will harmonize with your wedding dress and theme.


A small or big accessory can be the perfect special touch that pulls your wedding outfit together. We offer a variety of custom-made pieces such as toe rings, belts, robes, shawls, or even pet outfits. Send us a message for more information!

Custom Wedding Accessories
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