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What does the Bridal Industry look like for 2020-2021?

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Starting off this new decade with a pandemic was not what people had in mind, to say the least. Cancellations, postponing, shutdowns, social distancing, loosing loved ones... we have all been affected in some way, if not all the ways. The fashion industry has been affected the most out of any industry during this time. Designers have had to hold off on new seasonal collections due to frozen distribution channels. Events have been rearranged, lowering sales and the need for new pieces. The bridal industry has largely been impacted by canceled or postponed weddings. Everything is looking different during this season for brides and there are questions to be asked.

What will the bridal and wedding industry look like for 2020-2021? Will there be new designs or will brides have to choose from a few? Where can brides go to find inspiration now?

NYC Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2019

Marchesa Notte


Fashion week is held twice a year in the four fashion capitals of the world; New York, Milan, Paris, and London. There is always a spring show and a fall show in each of these cities. Bridal Fashion week was intended to be April 16-20, 2020. But it was announced in March that all of fashion week would be virtual this 2020 season. This was never before done and many people worried that the emotional aspect of fashion would be lost. The fashion industry is a very emotional business. Not being able to see the beautiful designs in person can cause that emotional bond to be lost. But on the flip side, there have been amazing new ways of communicating that have been invented for editors, retailers, and brides via the internet during this time.

Some brands, like Amsale, have been ahead of the curve and launched their own virtual try-on platform for brides and bridesmaids amid the pandemic. Brides upload a photo of themselves and "try-on" the dresses online. Then they can design their very own custom pieces, add to cart, and ship straight to their front door.

Many brands are seeing how the bridal industry is changing for the next few months. Weddings are not necessarily being canceled but postponed to later in 2021. People are opting to have smaller and less ordeal parties for now, while they wait to experience their big wedding celebrations later. Because of this, brands like Sahoo are changing their collection to a more intimate theme in order to fit the new market during this time. They understand how times are changing and how essential it is to adapt to meet this new market.

Having to resort to all virtual is not so bad, though! Brands are providing online ways to shop and buy wedding dresses that are extremely convenient to everyone during this time. Some designers are offering one-on-one appointments with stylists over zoom to figure out measurements. Dress samples are then sent straight to the front door for brides to try on in the comfort and safety of their own homes. How much more convenient could it get?!

For brides, editors, and buyers mostly everything will be held virtual now. This could be a positive or negative charge depending on what you are hoping for in your shopping experience. Many shops, though, are slowly opening up their front doors with social distancing and masks. This allows brides to still experience some normality among the pandemic. But since the future is so unknown, its best for all designers and brands to be prepared for 2021. Whether that's by launching their own virtual platforms, holding styling zoom calls, or viewing fashion week online. The fashion and bridal industry are doing their best to adapt to all these new changes. They are listening to and providing brides not only what they want, but what they need for this next season. The digital infrastructure that is being created will certainly last for years to come!

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