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Wedding and Bridal Color Themes for Fall Winter 2020

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

As we all slowly transition out of the chaos of what this spring & summer has brought in 2020, many are still needing to prepare for their FW20 weddings. With that brings extensive research and never-ending decisions to make. Whether it be a guest contemplating what to wear to a wedding or brides and grooms deciding on what they want their color theme to be, it is a good idea to know what is trending. Being aware of bridal trends comes in handy if you are someone who wants to follow that trendy route. And on the other spectrum, someone who wants to avoid trendiness at all costs!

When we think of fall and winter colors, they are typically centered around more cozy, warm, and rustic palettes. Every season in every year brings new twists to those overall themes, though. Emerald greens, cranberry hues, and navy blues were very popular in Fall 2019. One trend that has been on the forefront for a few years now has been the more taupe and neutral tones. Even scrolling down popular Instagram feeds you'll get a taste of that same curated color theme. Some use more of a white backwash and some throw in tastes of dusty roses or unsaturated sages.

In 2020, though, colors seem to be making their way back a bit more in general. Not just on Instagram feeds but weddings as well. Neutral tones are still very popular, but the desire to go against the grain is becoming more evident. Fall and winter this year are bringing many hues of orange, gold, burgundy, mauve, and sage. Autumn is nothing short of nature themes and beautiful colored leaves. Some of the major color themes are shown below:

Moody: Stone Blues, Merlot, Latte, Ivory, Clover Green

Delicate: Butter Pecan, Grape Juice, Dark Rose, Pinor Noir, Ivory

Vast: Pumpkin, Emerald Sea, Blue Spruce, Glacier, White

Gather: Evergreen, Butter Pecan, Peach, Nutmeg

Poised: Ash Rose, Merlot, Ginger, Antique Blue, White

Venture: Nutmeg, Hazelnut, Honey, Platinum

Starlight: Stone Blue, Ash Rose, Ivory, Gold, Papaya

Harvest: Butter Pecan, Honey, Hazelnut, Terracotta, Nutmeg

Most all of these color palettes play into the fall nature in some way. If one is planning on attending or having a fall wedding, following these trends will be a perfect way to experience those true fall vibes. Everyone will be sure to feel warm and cozy while surrounded by the beautiful autumn florals!

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