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Color Guide for Your Bridesmaids

Choosing your color theme for your bridesmaids is one challenge that you will have to make. With so many beautiful colors to choose from it can be a hard decision for your big day. With today's blog, we will highlight a few tips and tricks when it comes to choosing the color for your dresses.

Think about the time of year that you are going to get married. Things such as the environment, weather and the flowers that are in season could definitely compliment the colors your bridesmaids are wearing. Oranges, red, auburn and dark greens work well during the fall season. Red, gold, green and blues fit well during the winter. Pastel palettes and yellow looks great for the spring. Finally, pinks and purples looks fantastic during the summer.

Source: Pinterest

Make sure that the dress color compliments your skin tone. Do not choose colors that would wash or flush out certain skin tones. Generally, warm skin colors look flattering in warmer colors (red, yellow, orange, etc.) while cool skin tones would fit better with cooler colors (blue, purple, green, etc.).

Another idea is to take a look at your own style, vision and personality for the wedding. Here are just a couple of examples according to Kennedy Blue.

  • Trendy Bride –Slate Blue, Sky, Bordeaux, Emerald, or Desert Rose

  • Classic/Traditional Bride–Navy, Black, Eggplant, or Blush

  • Beachy Bride –Navy, Blush, Sea Glass, or Deep Sea

  • Girly Bride –Blush, Bordeaux, Desert Rose, French Lilac, or Wisteria

  • Rockstar Bride– Black, Teal, Storm, or Dove

  • Earthy Bride– Slate Blue, Sea Glass, Fawn, Fog, or Dew Drop

  • Sexy Bride –Black, Bordeaux, Emerald, or Desert Rose

  • Upbeat Bride– Peach, Berry, Cantelope, Mint, or Cornflower

  • Garden Bride- Desert Rose, Sea Glass, Fawn, French Lilac, or Wisteria

  • Color-Loving Bride- Berry, Cantelope, Mint, Peony, Mulberry, or Cornflower