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Guide to Choosing the Perfect Veil

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Wedding veils are a versatile and iconic piece of accessory for a bride.  With so many options, styles and lengths to choose from, choosing the right veil can be a challenge for you.  With these handy tips, picking out the perfect veil will be a breeze!

Always try to match the color of the veil with your wedding gown as closely as possible (white, pinks, beiges, golds, etc.).  You can also choose between either a shimmer or a regular finish. A shimmer finish offers a shine while a regular finish show a matte finish.

Take length into consideration as well!  Shorter veils, such as blushers, birdcages and bandeaus tend to show off more personality and give a vintage look. Longer veils such as cathedrals and ballets are considered more formal and traditional.

Photo above by:bridestory

Some in Store Veils below


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